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The Birmingham School Governors' Network has a significant role in supporting governors throughout the City.

Under the management of an Executive Committee consisting of 17 governors, 15 of whom are elected at its Annual General Meeting and 2 of whom are the elected Parent Governor Representatives.

The network is committed to ensuring that governors' views are represented on vital issues such as Admissions, Early Years, Fair Funding etc, which are shaping Children's Services.

The Birmingham Governors' Network is your network, and the Executive is committed to making Birmingham Governors more effective through mutual support and the sharing of good practice.

The BGN's mission is: To improve and strengthen school governance in Birmingham by taking a lead on behalf of governors in influencing strategy and policy locally, regionally and nationally.

This will be done by representing Birmingham governors at strategic and policymaking bodies and forums, gathering and disseminating information and responding to governance issues and local governors' concerns.

The Birmingham Governors Network is governed by the Birmingham Governors Network Constitution.

Membership of the BGN Executive Committee is open to all serving members of governing bodies of Birmingham's publicly funded schools. Members are elected on an annual basis by the Birmingham Governors' community.

Strategic Representation
Members of the Executive Committee represent the interests of school governors on the following strategic local authority groups:

Schools Forum
Admissions Forum 
Childrens' Board
Property Working Group
Special Educational Needs Implementation Group
Fair Funding Technical Group